The One Where Vanessa Rousso Shuts Up Tony G | PokerStars

The One Where Vanessa Rousso Shuts Up Tony G | PokerStars

The big game gave us big personalities. And they don’t get much bigger than the big-talking Tony G, who, in this hand, focuses his attention on Vanessa Russo, in the big blind. Oh, look at this Vanessa, it’s me and you.

I’ve got to raise it. 1,200. I haven’t been called predictable.

I am many things. See, if you re-raise, then you build the pot so big, and then you’re going to get bluffed out in the big pot. Oh, boy. Vanessa’s got pocket rockets. I’d say it’s the perfect time to listen to Tony and re-raise.

Just Just called. To keep the pots low, I bet 2,000. Yeah. That’s fair, you know.

I think it’s better betting in the dark. Tony bets in the dark and flops two pair. A dark raise, that’s hardened commitment to the game. O-M Tony G. Karma has left the building. I think we’re about to see two people committed to this pot.

Vanessa raises to 5,000. I want to raise it again. Tony re-raises to 20 grand. You can get her all in. Tony G sounding very confident. You ready?

Tony G is capable of this song and dance whether he’s strong or bluffing. Vanessa is going to have a hard time getting away from this one. You ready? If you win the hand, you’ll keep me quiet.

Don’t believe you. That bluff I’ll call, that bluff I’ll call. Tony just added unspeakable equity to this pot.

Vanessa calls. Tony has bombed the flop, which may make Vanessa think he’s on a draw. An ace on the turn.

Russo has top set. Hello, nasty. As Tony G would say, ace from space, and Vanessa has gone from zero to hero. Tony G does he have a flush draw.

10,000. And bets 10,000. You could shut me right up. How? Well, by being all in and winning the pot.

Punch in the face. Can I just push a button? That ace dramatically improves Vanessa’s hand, but if she put Tony on spades, he just got there. She just calls. On spade watch.

I check. Tony checks in the dark. The river, a sick card, the five of hearts. Now you’ve got to show some guts. Can you bear this?

I got a to make a really weak check now on the end. Go on, Vanessa, you can do it. For Vanessa, best card ever.

Full house over full house. All in. Call. Aces full. Wow.

Very nice. That’s the best. Very nice.

You got screwed? I got a full house too, on the end. Wow. And I had a flush draw. That’s it. That shut me up.

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