Crappy Bets for Craps

Crappy Bets for Craps

There are some bets that are traditional when playing Craps – one of them is the betting the pass line. Almost all players bet the Pass line. For this reason, few bettors will bet the don’t pass line. There are different reasons not to bet don’t pass. One of the reasons is this: Many people at the Craps table have the same interest, to win. When almost every player at the table is betting the pass line – to bet don’t pass makes the bettor seem like they are rooting for the other side.

Craps is a game of chance and competition, but most of the time – there are only two teams – the house and the bettors. Because there is companionship at the Craps table, often times when people are betting don’t pass they will pass their opportunity to roll the dice simply because they do not feel comfortable at the table. This will truly change your experience at the table and is definitely not recommended. In addition, betting on don’t pass also needs a larger bankroll because instead of wagering a little to win more, you must wager more to win less compared to the pass line. The same is true for wagering on come and don’t come. Betting don’t come is not recommended.


Two, twelve, three and eleven are wagers that you also want to avoid. Though these bets offer a larger reward, they are more difficult to hit. These bets offer the house a larger edge – not something you want to do when playing Craps since the house has a good enough edge all ready.

One of the worst bets players can make on a Craps table is the any seven bet. Now, since there are six ways to make a seven on the table, it seems like a good net. However, the pay out for the win is not as good as one would expect; it’s only five to one. It also gives the house quite the edge – 16.7 percent.

Big six and big eight are known to be sucker bets. Both bets mean that a six or an eight will come out before a seven. Though these bets are easy enough to make, the pay out is useless. They are even money bets, which means whatever amount you play on them is exactly the amount you win back. What’s the sense?