Beginning Strategies for Craps

Beginning Strategies for Craps

If you are interested in learning a new casino game then you may want to consider learning the game of craps. This game is very easy to learn and it has very few rules. The premise of this game is that you select a type of bet to make and place your chips on that bets corresponding field on the craps table. The shooter rolls their coming out roll and if a 7 or 11 comes up the betters generally win. However, if other numbers come up then you can lose your bet on the first roll, or merely add more requirements to your bet to win. If you need to know what strategies you need to use to win as a novice craps player please read on.

Know the Basics of the Game

The most important thing to learn when starting out in the game of craps is the rules and format of the game. This means that you will need to learn the rules that govern the game of craps, the different roles you can play in the game of craps, the different types of bets, and how to win the different types of bets. You can find all of this information at online casinos that offer this game. You can also find this information in e-articles and on gambling information sites.

Know Which Types of Bets to Make

After learning the basics of craps your next step is to learn which bets are the best ones for you to make. In this case, as a novice craps player, your best bets will be line bets and the six and eight bets. These bets have the best player’s odds, and they offer you the best chances of winning. The bets that you should avoid are the inside proposition bets that the dealer will try to entice you into playing. These bets have very high house advantage rates, which can be as high as 16 percent.

Watch the Other Players

If this is your first time at a craps table it may be a good strategy to first watch other players pay a few rounds before you try the game. See how they place bets, how they interact with the dealer, how much money they bet, which bets they make, and how frequently each type of bet is hitting. After you feel that you understand the momentum of the craps table you can join in on the action.